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Threshold Association

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Independent Living Center of Turku

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Turku for All

The Turku for All portal is being run by the Threshold Association's regional committee in Turku. The portal is a place were accessibility information about public and private services in Turku is gathered. We started the gathering of information in spring 2005 and we are keeping the site up to date as the mappings are getting ready. We hope that this information will be useful to people with movement, seeing or hearing disabilities but also to elderly and other with needs of this kind of information.

We have made a mapping form which we are using when we are gathering information about different buildings. The mappings are made by voluntary people with experiences of their on being a dsisabled and living with disabilities. Mappings are also done by a few professional people from rehabilitations and associations. Everybody that are making mappings have gone through our mapping course.

Our goal is to make the portal an information channel with the ability of an useful dialog. Users can send feedback and questions with their own experiences regarding to accessibility. We will answer the questions or forward them to the service suppliers.

This service was build as a part of the information city - ihminen@turku -program. We have been working together with Association of Visually Impaired in Southwest Finland, Association of People with Mobility Disabilities in Turku Area, Turku Cerebral Palsy Association, Turku Hard of Hearing association, Turku Accessibility Representative, Turku and Kaarina Parish Union, Turku University and Åbo Akademi.